No bolt or rivet junctures, just squared off edges, and molten burn signs.

All of the above steel support girders have been squarely and cleanly cut in half. How does this happen when the girders were alleged to have melted and buckled under the duress of high heat? If the girders were exposed to extreme heat they would shows signs of warping, or curling, (see Madrid fire photos below) they would not be cleanly shaven in half. The only burn signs these girders show are at the edges of the steel, where they were severed. You can see signs of heat and charring. On one particular steel beam in the middle of the top photo, you can see the actual melted edges of the girder. This appears to be a very localized and contained burn. The leftover molten residue is just enough to compensate for cleanly cutting the girder in half.

The Madrid, Spain Windsor high-rise fire.

The Madrid fire was clearly hot enough to warp steel beams.


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